What are the most common types of accidents that people need a personal injury lawyer for?

What are the most common types of accidents that people need a personal injury lawyer for?

Accidents are one of the top causes of injury in the United States.


An accident can be a slip and fall, an auto accident, or any other event that leads to an injury. The majority of accidents involve some type of negligence on behalf of someone else. When you experience injuries because your employer didn’t provide you with appropriate safety equipment or because another driver was negligent, then it is time to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Des Moines, IA for help.


Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can take many forms. They can happen at a grocery store, restaurant or any other business that is in charge of keeping their floors and walkways safe for the public. In some cases, it has been found that the employee working behind the counter was spilling items on purpose to give themselves more work later on cleaning up a mess.


Many people have sustained injuries from these types of accidents, including sprains and broken bones. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may need to spend some time recovering. Injuries caused by slip and fall accidents can be prevented by maintaining a safe environment for customers to shop in. This is especially true if there are any spills on the ground. You are expected to clean up spills, or at least warn customers about them so they can take precautions.


If you experience a slip and fall accident because of a store’s negligence on their part, then you may be eligible for compensation from legal action against the business.


Another top accident that causes people to need a personal injury lawyer is an auto accident. Almost all auto accidents are caused by some type of negligence on behalf of the other driver.


This can include speeding while driving, running a stop sign or red light, texting while you drive, or any number of mistakes made while behind the wheel. When another person is found to be negligent, then they are responsible for covering the costs of any injuries that are incurred from their actions.


Auto accidents can leave people with a variety of injuries that require medical attention and recovery time. This includes back pain, neck pain and even whiplash. Auto accidents can also cause catastrophic injuries including broken limbs, traumatic brain injuries and even death. The injuries incurred from an accident can be permanent and affect the quality of life you have in the future.


Accidents Involving Defective Products

Personal injury lawyers are also needed when people experience injuries from defective products.


These include motor vehicle parts, machinery or any other public use product that was found to be defective after it reached the market.


If you have been harmed by a defective product, then you may be eligible for compensation for your medical bills and lost wages associated with missing work because of your injuries.


In most cases, manufacturers are forced to pay out compensation for harm caused by their product. If you claim that the manufacturer or seller did not do anything wrong and they refuse to compensate you, then you can bring a second lawsuit against them in court known as a product liability case.


If your case goes to trial, then the burden of proof falls on you to prove that it was indeed a defective product that caused your injury. Most cases are settled out of court before this can be proven, so it is in their best interest to settle and avoid a lawsuit than going through one themselves.

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents are another top cause of personal injury lawsuits. They can happen for a variety of reasons including the driver being inexperienced, fatigued or intoxicated. Truck drivers are required to stay fully rested and conduct themselves in a safe manner while on the road so that they do not harm anyone else.


When truck drivers cause an accident because they were negligent on the road, then they are responsible for paying compensation to anyone that was injured. This includes medical costs and any lost wages caused by remaining out of work while you recover.


In some cases, trucking companies are held responsible because the employee that caused the accident was not properly trained to drive a big rig. If you were in an accident and it is found that the crash occurred due to inexperience, then the company may be liable for your injuries and any long term damages caused by them.


A second cause of trucking accidents is caused when a truck driver who is supposed to be following the rules of the road by not driving too closely or going too fast, fails to follow the laws and causes an accident.


The truck driver may also cause an accident if they are distracted while behind the wheel such as texting or calling while they drive. These types of trucking accidents can be avoided by not distracted and by following all traffic laws while driving.


Nursing Facility Abuse Cases

Hospitals and nursing homes are required to care for their patients with a reasonable level of skill. If it is found that an elderly person or someone who is disabled has been neglected, abused or otherwise mistreated by the nursing facility they are staying at, then the facility can be liable for any injuries or damages caused as a result of their negligence.


Most nursing homes and hospitals want to avoid paying compensation for your injuries. This is why they often settle out of court in order to avoid any liability for the harm that was caused by them. If you believe that you have been mistreated at a nursing facility, then you should hire a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible so that you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.


If a jury finds that a nursing facility did not properly care for their patient and this led to harm, then they may be forced to pay hospital bills or even punitive damages depending on what was discovered during the trial.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dogs are the most common pet in the United States. What are the most common problems related to dogs? People being bitten by them. It is not a joke to say that dog bite injuries are very common worldwide, and victims want someone else to pay for their medical bills and other damages caused by it. That’s why there are many dog bite injury lawyers around the United States. Dog bite injuries are not limited to dog owners, as people who have encountered dogs in public parks or other areas may also be their victims. A personal injury lawyer is needed when people get injured by dogs that are known to bite their owners but were not prevented from doing so. Dog bites may cause severe and lifelong injuries such as deep cuts, broken bones, or even death.


Injured Workers Compensation

Sometimes, work injuries are very much the same as injury in a car accident or dog bite. An injured worker who can’t go back to work and is seeking workers’ compensation benefits might need an injury lawyer’s help to get what they deserve from their case. Many cases fail because people don’t know how to handle them when it involves legal terms such as workers’ comp. However, a personal injury lawyer knows how to handle such cases successfully and would be a great help for injured workers.


As you know, workers’ compensation provides medical care and disability payments to people who are injured on the job. An injury lawyer would determine how serious the injuries of a worker are and what benefits they would get from their case since this is a very complicated process. There are different types of workers’ comp cases. They may be classified as closed, open or contested depending on the circumstances of the case.


A personal injury lawyer could be a legal aid to injured workers who have suffered serious injuries in their workplace and couldn’t go back to work because it is needed.




If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or any other type of personal injury case; it is important to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.


A person may feel that they can handle a case on their own when it comes to personal injury cases, but in reality; these types of cases require years of experience and knowledge.


When it comes to getting the money that you deserve after an accident, there is no room in a case for error. A personal injury lawyer can ensure your best interests are met and will help make dealing with these types of cases less stressful. Personal Injury lawyers deal with every aspect of personal injury law and they will be able to handle any issues that come up during your case; this is why these cases often require years of experience.