About The Firm

About Des Moines-based Rouse Law P.C.

With its decades of experience, Des Moines-based Rouse Law P.C. offers clients reliable legal counsel and aggressive representation of their rights. Ward A. (Sam) Rouse started out as a prosecutor before transferring to private practice law during the mid-1990s. He launched Rouse Law P.C. in order to focus on personal injury law and areas of criminal defense law. Now, more than two decades later, Rouse Law has represented hundreds of clients, helping them to achieve their legal goals. Mr. Rouse never takes a cookie-cutter approach to the law; each case requires solutions that are tailored to its particulars. If you need a Des Moines personal injury or criminal defense attorney, bring your case to Mr. Rouse and his firm.

Caring Advocate, Professional Legal Representation

Mr. Rouse is committed to fighting for his clients’ rights. From matters of personal injury to criminal defense, Mr. Rouse’s case load is dynamic and based on his near quarter century of experience. The common thread between all of Mr. Rouse’s cases is his passion to fight for his clients. Each client deserves a tenacious attorney who will work to promote their interests. Mr. Rouse is also a caring advocate. He understands what clients go through when they enter the legal process. If you are looking for an experience Des Moines attorney who is also a caring advocate, you’ve found one in Mr. Rouse.

Small Firm Achieves Big Results

Rouse Law P.C. is a small legal firm in Des Moines, IA, but it has a record of achieving big results. Mr. Rouse has been able to achieve millions in negotiated settlements and compensation awards. Too often, clients who retain the services of large firms wind up feeling anonymous—even inconsequential to the firm and its fleet of attorneys. No client wants to feel like a mere case number. Rouse Law, on the other hand, provides each client with the personalized attention they deserve. He takes time with his clients, allowing them to ask questions and get answers in layman’s terms so they perfectly understand each aspect of their case. He bases his legal counsel on the particulars of each client’s unique situation. If you’re looking for this type of custom care, bring your case to Rouse Law for a free initial consultation.

The Rouse Law Team

Mr. Rouse has created a team that’s committed to providing clients with outstanding service. Mr. Rouse relies on his team to promote his values and provide clients with the care they need when he’s in trial or meeting with another client. Having a cohesive, collaborative team means that Rouse Law is poised to deliver the superior representation that clients hope to gain when they retain the services of an attorney.

Ethical Representation Based on Honesty and Integrity

When clients contract with Rouse Law P.C. for legal representation, they can expect service based on honesty and integrity. Attorney Rouse provides his client with his honest legal opinions that are backed by his years of experience in the legal profession. He knows that clients have endured much physically, mentally, and financially. His goal is to manage their legal case to the best of his ability in order to preserve their rights and help them to achieve their legal goals. He loves to help people and provides them with the aggressive representation they deserve at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.

Des Moines Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury law is broad; it encompasses many different types of cases such as motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, security negligence, medical malpractice, premises liability, and more. Mr. Rouse focuses on a few types of personal injury cases that include:

If you’ve been involved in these types of cases and need an experienced Des Moines personal injury attorney, you can trust Mr. Rouse and his firm. Experience is important. Mr. Rouse has a demonstrable record of success and is a skilled negotiator and litigator. Rely on him to help you achieve your legal goals.

No Fees Unless We Win

Victims of accidents face many challenges. The pain and suffering can go on for weeks, months—even indefinitely. Yet, medical bills and ordinary cost-of-living expenses are relentless as they pile up. Many accident victims are unable to work for long periods of time; some are left with disabilities that prevent them from returning to their chose occupations. These are serious—even tragic consequences that are tied to the fault of another’s negligence or blatant wrong-doing.

Rouse Law does not want to add to the financial burden of those he represents. He’s willing to stake his fees on his ability to achieve success. He will not charge clients his legal fees unless he is able to achieve an agreeable settlement or a compensation award. That’s his promise to accident victims. If you’ve been hurt because of another’s carelessness or recklessness, talk to Mr. Rouse. There’s no initial consultation fee, no obligation, and no gimmicks. You will NOT receive a bill unless Mr. Rouse wins your case.

Des Moines Criminal Defense Attorney

Rouse Law focuses on personal injury law and some types of criminal defense law. He represents clients who have been charged with the following:

Facing serious charges like these can be a frightening experience. Mr. Rouse offers his clients competent, experience-based legal counsel and representation. He will view your charges and associated particulars of the case in order to have command of all details. Knowing a case inside and out allows him to find the best way to defend his clients. Having worked early in his career as a prosecutor, he understands the prosecutorial mindset. He also knows how error on the part of prosecutors, police, and other government agents can undermine their case. He has a record of uncovering errors that have prevented many cases from ever getting to trial. All clients deserve an unwavering advocate. Mr. Rouse provides his clients with faithful support throughout their legal journey.

What Can You Expect When You Hire Rouse Law?

If you’ve never had legal dealings before, you may be uncertain about what to expect from a legal firm. Rouse Law P.C. provides a comprehensive array of legal services. If the firm can take on your case, it will manage that case in its entirety. That means, you can count on Mr. Rouse and his legal team to provide services such as:

  • Carefully examine your claim or case
  • File court documents and manage all case-related paperwork
  • Provide experience and knowledge-based legal advice
  • Investigate to procure necessary evidence (i.e. obtain witness statements or video footage)
  • Procure the services of other professionals (i.e. accident reconstructionist, actuary, accountant)
  • Communicate with the other party’s insurance company or attorneys
  • Negotiate or litigate the matter aggressively

Mr. Rouse and his firm are also dedicated to providing clients with regular communication about their case. He will answer your questions or address your concerns as soon as possible. He values the trust each client has place in him and will never take that trust for granted. He has also put together a reliable team of legal professionals who can assist clients when he’s in court. Rouse Law is committed to providing clients with respectful and dedicated service.

Looking for an experienced criminal defense or personal injury attorney in Des Moines, IA? Contact Rouse Law and schedule your free initial consultation. Mr. Rouse can provide you with some preliminary legal advice as he discusses your case. Mr. Rouse has been recognized by Martindale-Hubbell with an “AV” rating. Martindale-Hubbell is an organization which rates attorneys’ legal abilities through the use of a peer review process. If you choose to hire Mr. Rouse and his firm, you can count on Rouse Law to fight aggressively for your rights.