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Workers Compensation Attorney in Des Moines, IA

In Iowa, most employers are required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance in case employees are injured while on the job. Yet, attempting to benefit from this insurance after you’ve been injured at work can be a bureaucratic nightmare. What happens when your employer chooses a doctor that sends you back to work too quickly? What happens when you return to work prematurely and suffer a recovery set-back? It’s no wonder that so many people turn to their workers compensation attorney for sound legal advice in these situations.

Rouse Law P.C. is a personal injury law firm that is located in Des Moines, IA. Its principal Ward A. (Sam) Rouse handles many types of personal injury cases including workers’ compensation claims. When a work-related injury begins to affect your life and you suspect that your employer’s insurer is mishandling your claim, you need to seek legal advice from a trusted professional. Attorney Rouse offers free initial consultations. He can offer you some preliminary advice to help you make a decision about how to best proceed.

Know Your Employment Rights

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be vital for individuals who are seriously injured and unable to perform their job. Naturally, they will also require qualified medical care. Suffering an injury at work can be a stressful experience. Accident victims must contend with the physical pain of their injury while worrying about paying their bills. Too often, workers are forced to navigate an insurance maze as they try to get clarification for what doctors to see, what surgery they are eligible for, when they’re required to return to work, and so forth. You have rights! Let Attorney Rouse provide you with legal counsel and representation to help you through this difficult time.

Common Types of Workplace Injuries in Iowa

Workers’ compensation covers many different kinds of injuries and accidents that are associated with the various types of occupations. Some common types of work-related injuries and conditions include:

  • Cumulative injuries (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome)
  • Occupational disease (i.e. respiratory diseases like Mesothelioma)
  • Sudden-onset injuries (i.e. hurting your back while lifting a heavy object or experiencing a chemical burn)
  • Pre-existing conditions that are exacerbated by a workplace condition
  • Slips and falls
  • Injuries that occur during lunch hours, breaks, or at a job-related activity (i.e. conference or company picnic)
  • Sometimes workplace injuries can be catastrophic and cause a permanent disability. A crushing accident or fall from a great height can lead to devastating injuries. Many other injuries may require a long recovery time complicated by financial stress. As many workers realize, missing work for a substantial period of time can take a financial toll on an individual and their family.

What Should You Do If You Get Hurt at Work?

If you get hurt on your job, you may need emergency services. If you are unable to make this call, someone else who works with you like a manager must make that call. Frankly, if they don’t call for emergency help, they could be liable.

If you can speak, you should request that your manager be called. Your manager should contact medical assistance or provide you with information about what doctor to see if you need medical care. It’s essential to have your injuries evaluated by a qualified medical practitioner. You may not be aware that you’ve suffered a serious injury like a concussion or internal bleeding. If you are able, you should fill out a workers’ compensation claim form right away. However, most workers have a period of time to file their claims such as 90 days. Be specific when you fill out the accident report. Make sure you fill it out in its entirety. You should also request a copy of the form for your own records or to pass along to your attorney.

At this point, your employer should contact the workers’ compensation insurer and arrange your medical treatment. Most employers will have their workers’ compensation procedures outlined in a policy manual. You should consider checking it to make sure that everything is done in accordance with company policy.

What Benefits Are Employees Entitled to in Iowa?

Under workers’ compensation insurance, employees who’ve been hurt or injured on the job may be entitled to:

  • Lost work wages
  • Disability payments if unable to work
  • Permanent disability settlement if the injury results in a permanent impairment
  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Long-term compensation for permanent disabilities
  • Benefits for survivors if the injury results in the employee’s death

If you are unsure about the types benefits you may be eligible for, let Rouse Law provide you with our experienced legal counsel. We can go discuss your case and provide you with some preliminary advice. These cases can be complex—and that’s why it’s important to have an experienced advocate by your side.

What Happens If Compensation Is Denied or Not Sufficient to Cover Costs?

It frequently happens that an employee is denied workers’ compensation benefits or does not get the benefits they may be entitled to. If this has happened to you, you should definitely contact Rouse Law. The workers’ compensation insurance providers and your employer will have attorneys working on their behalf. You need a qualified workers compensation lawyer working for you too. Mr. Rouse has been practicing personal injury law for nearly a quarter of a century. He has a track record for success in these types of cases. He will pursue your claim relentless on your behalf.

It’s true that some workers worry about filing a workers’ compensation claim. They feat that it will somehow affect their employment and reflect poorly on them. Remember that employers cannot fire an employee in retaliation for their filed claim. Contact us and let us inform you about your rights. You can’t lose your job because you filed a workers’ compensation claim. You may be entitled to more than you realize. Schedule a consultation and let’s go over the particulars of your claim.

How Do I Know If My Case Is Valid?

It’s not uncommon for employees who’ve been hurt on the job to wonder if they have a valid claim. They may mistakenly think that their injuries aren’t serious enough to warrant a claim. That’s why Rouse Law offers a free initial consultation. Mr. Rouse can examine your case and help you determine how to proceed. He has experience in this area of the law and in-depth knowledge of workers’ compensation benefits in Iowa. The decisions that you make regarding your case can have a long-term impact on your life. Even though the law doesn’t require you to have an attorney represent your interests, it’s a good idea to contact Mr. Rouse for legal counsel and representation. These types of claims are not always processed in the employee’s best interests. Mr. Rouse will do his best to ensure that your claim is handled fairly and in accordance with Iowa law.

Do I Know If I Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Injured employees should know that they can contact an attorney on their behalf at any time during their claim process. While you may choose to forgo the service on a lawyer, there are some times where it’s definitely wise to retain one. Some situations where it’s wise workers should consult with an attorney are:

  • The workers’ compensation insurance company advise you to retain an attorney
  • An administrative judge advises you to consult with an attorney
  • Your claim cannot be resolved by negotiation
  • Your claim is proceeding to litigation
  • You are unsure about how to proceed with your claim
  • You don’t understand the claim process
  • The workers’ compensation insurer is denying your claim
  • You don’t think you are getting quality medical care or treatment
  • The insurer has canceled your doctor-recommended surgery or treatment
  • The insurance provider will not speak to you
  • The insurer said you invalidated your claim
  • You are not getting benefits while you are unfit to work
  • You believe you are being treated unfairly
  • You’ve been harassed at work because of your injury or for making a claim
  • You believe your injury has caused a permanent disability
  • Your employer fired you because you were injured or filed a claim

Remember, you can always consult with an attorney in these situations—and it’s best if you do. Rouse Law will provide you with the legal counsel you need to make informed decisions. We’ve helped many Iowa workers achieve the workers’ compensation benefits they were entitled to and we want to help you too. You have rights under Iowa law. If these rights have been infringed upon by your employer or the workers’ compensation insurer, we want to help you.

Contact Rouse Law P.C. to schedule your free initial consultation. Let’s talk about your claim. Mr. Rouse can answer your questions and provide you with some preliminary advice. Going through one of these situations can feel harrowing and stressful. You need an experienced legal advocate at your side. Mr. Rouse will do everything he can to help you win your claim should you decide to pursue it. Remember, you are not at the mercy of your employer or their insurance carrier. Rouse Law will fight aggressively to protect your rights as an Iowa worker.

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